Self Reliance Programs

Camp Fire North Shore's Self-Reliance Program provides in classroom training over a six week period to students in order to develop social behavior skills. Students are encouraged to actively participate in our lessons through role playing, skill development games and friendship building activities. Students learn various behavior and character traits and develop skills to identify and mitigate bullying situations. The program is available at 4 levels that build on one another over time. Each level of Self-Reliance training can stand independently, however when taught in conjunction with one another over the span of a students educational career can further enhance a students understanding of the techniques to avoid a dangerous situations. 

Safe & Sure

Safe & Sure is a program designed for elementary school children and is facilitated in grades K - 1. The focus is on the prevention, education, and advocacy of children and intervention of child abuse, neglect, domestic violence, negative peer and media influences and the use and abuse of alcohol, tobacco and other drugs. The curriculum is tailored to fit the needs of and address the concerns at home, in school and the overall community environments. 

The Safe & Sure sessions are:

1. Safety At Play

2. Nobody Wins A Fight

3. Medicine Is For Sick People

4. Say No To Strangers

5. If It Feels Wrong, Your Right

6. Tell Someone You Trust

Each session is taught in approximately 30-45 minutes, once a week for the duration of six weeks. The instructor tells stories each week using characters on a felt board. The children participate in pre and post testing. Each week, children take home a parent information sheet, the story that was told and also a parent/child activity. The children take home coloring pages of the promise they have made each session. At the end of six weeks, each child receives a certificate. 

Count On Me Kids

Count on Me Kids is the second level of the Self-Reliance program. It is taught to second and/or third grade students and continues the development of techniques taught in Safe & Sure. The stories read to students begin to involve bullying and peer pressure. Students have discussions about similar situations they have experienced and work together to develop solutions to such problems. 

The Count On Me sessions are:

1. I am Special

2. I am Confident And Careful

3. I Keep My Body Healthy

4. I Want To Say No

5. I Want To Be Safe

6. I Know How To Say No

Students will participate in pre and post testing. Our instructors tell stories each week using the characters below on a felt board. Each week in our story, characters show different behavior, assertive, non-assertive and aggressive. This explains to children that we all have these behaviors and how conflict is resolved when the assertive child stands up and says No to something that is wrong. Students take home a parent information sheet each week that keeps them informed of what their child has learned each session; the story that was told and also a parent/child activity. The children take home coloring sheets and a reminder of the "techniques" they have learned that week. 


Caution without fear

Caution Without Fear is the third level of Self-Reliance training that Camp Fire North Shore offers. It is taught to students in the fourth and fifth grades. Students actively participate in lessons through guided role play and friendship skill development activities. Students are no longer read stories at this level but rather are taught valuable lessons about bullying, character traits and peer pressure. At this level, students put techniques they are learned to use and demonstrate an understanding of ways to handle bullying. Each session is approximately 30-45 minutes, once a week for six weeks. 

Caution With Fear sessions are:

1. Self-Awareness

2. Interpersonal Relationships

3. Substance Awareness & Resistance

4. Teasing And Peer Pressure (Role playing techniques for ways to avoid)

5. Teasing, Bullying, Cyber Bullying and Harassment/Cyber Harassment

6. Risks And Dangers of Media Influences, Cyber/Virtual-Worlds And Predators

All participants take part in pre and post testing. A parent and teacher evaluation form is given out at the end of the six weeks. Each week, children take home pamphlets that keep their parents informed of what their child has learned in that session. Children participate in various role play scenarios and a poster is provided to each classroom on "Ways To Avoid Conflict".

Peer Proof

I'm Peer Proof is a program designed especially for middle school students in grades six and seven. At this level, peer pressure is the main theme of the program. Students have facilitated discussions on various issues that arise within this age group. Some of the topics include cyber-bullying, peer pressures related to drugs and alcohol, as well as internet predators. Students participate in activities to recreate such situations and develop ways to avoid these issues. Each one incorporates role play, discussion of situational scenarios, hands-on activities and statistics to reinforce the lessons. 

The Peer Proof sessions are:

1. Choices

2. Self-Esteem

3. Teasing, Bullying, Cyber-Bullying & Harassment Part I

4. Teasing, Bullying, Cyber-Bullying & Harassment Part II

5. Being Aware of Your Health

6. Communication And Conflict Resolution Skills

Each session is 30-45 minutes and is facilitated by our trained instructors, once a week for the duration of six weeks. Parent brochures and hand-outs are given for most sessions. 


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