Camp Fire North Shore is excited to announce our collaboration with the Natural Living and Learning Center (NLLC)! The number of homeschooling families has greatly increased due to the pandemic. These families need support and resources for learning, socializing and building a community. NLLC @ CFNS is here to fill that need. All classes are interactive and experiential. Additionally, we will be offering a Homeschool Connection Club and Play Club for kids who need less structure, for those who do not meet age requirements for structured classes, and for those in need of socialization outside of the home. 

The NLLC will be led by Linda Sessa. Linda is a proud mom of two children. She started working with school age children and within the education field during her preteen years. She has a BA in Elementary Education with a focus on Multiculturalism. After graduating, Linda worked in the Human Service field for a number of years. Eventually she went on to become an award winning HairDresser (her true passion at the time!). Linda’s love for learning led her to attain additional education in the field, and eventually went on to become a Cosmetology Instructor. After operating her own hair and beauty business for more than 25 years, Linda retired. More recently, Linda went back to school to study culinary arts. In addition to her professional studies and background, Linda is also an artist and nature enthusiast. She has worked with individuals of all abilities and has taught many traditional and non-traditional classes. She has been a homeschooling parent for more than 15 years, and has an insatiable curiosity and love for life-long learning along with her children.

Linda has dreamed of opening a learning center for more than 25 years. Her vision is to provide an environment where children and families feel empowered to live their truth. She envisions a community of people who can connect to develop meaningful and impactful relationships, and to strengthen family ties in pursuit of building a better future for our children. 

Mission Statement

The mission of the Natural Living and Learning Center at Camp Fire North Shore (NLLC @ CFNS) is to provide a warm and caring space that celebrates diversity and allows children maximum freedom of choice while ensuring their physical and psychological safety. NLLC’s intention is to offer engaging programs and clubs that honor the natural world around us. The Center will provide experiential opportunities and tools for conflict resolution, socializing, problem solving, skill building, learning, discovering, connecting with nature, and evolving. NLLC believes all of these elements are crucial to fostering a fun and diverse environment for children and families to learn and connect with one another.


Session 2 classes start on November 8, 2022

All programs are drop-offs and require pre-registration. Students must be registered via our online registration system, Regpack.

An annual registration fee of $50 will be assessed at the time of registration. Class fees vary - please see the class descriptions below for pricing.  All payments must be made online via Regpack. 

Please register and make a payment here

Fall 2022 - Session 2 Classes

Tuesdays, 9:15am-10:15am- Beginning Spanish, 6-week session, November 8 - December 13

  • Cost-$150 for series
  • Minimum number of students to run program- 5, Maximum number -12
  • Ages 7 and up
  • With: Julia Long

  • Tuesdays, 9:15am-1:30pm - HCC-Homeschool Connection Club (Full Time), 6 week session, November 8 - December 13
  • Cost: $200 for 6 series
  • If child is registered for a class, they may join the Homeschool Connection Club before or after their class for $120, must register
  • Min # students 5, max number- 12
  • Age range: 5+, tweens/teens encouraged to join us
  • With: Linda Sessa

    • Tuesdays, 10:15am-1:30pm - HCC-Homeschool Connection Club (Part Time), 6 week session, November 8 - December 13
    • Cost: $120 for a series of 6 days
    • Min # students 5, max number- 12
    • Age range: 5+, tweens/teens encouraged to join us
    • With: Linda Sessa

Please click here for class descriptions and full details.


Session 1 Make-up week, October 31- November 5

Session 2 begins, November 8th, Tuesday, 9:15

Session 2 Make-up week, December 19-24

Other programs and events may be added as the year goes on so be sure to check our page often. We are hoping to add Seasonal Foraging and Mushroom Hunting. Please let us know if these are classes that you and/or your family would be interested in.

Please consider adding $5 or more to your total to help build our financial assistance fund.  Help other kids take classes by donating. 

Please let us know what you would like to see at NLLC @ CFNS! Ideas, feedback and questions can be directed to Linda Sessa lsessa@campfirenorthshore.org

NLLC Wish List

We need your help! This is a pilot program, and as such there are many things we will need as we move forward to develop the programming. Whether you would like to volunteer time, donate goods/tools/equipment, money, or services, we would love to hear from you. Please see our wish list here. If you are interested please contact Linda at lsessa@campfirenorthshore.org

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