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The Teens in Action group is for students in grades 8-12.  The program is focused on leadership, community service, and personal development.  Programming is based in part on the interests of the group, which gives youth "voice and choice" over their program.  The program started in the fall of 2012, and is growing!  Youth have the option to participate in our Counselor-in-Training program or Junior Counselor program in the summer time.  Teens in Action is a school year program meeting on Wednesday evenings in September- Early June.  The group occasionally does a project or event on the weekends as well.  Please call or email the office if you would like more information.

2015 Camp Fire North Shore Youth Venture Group

Linking Generations is a group of six local high school students who are involved with Camp Fire North Shore's Teens in Action program. This group recently received a $1000 dollar grant from The United Way of Massachusetts Bay and Merrimack Valley. Linking Generations has developed a plan which is teen driven and overseen by several adult mentors and volunteers. This group of teens is focused on connecting elderly residents who live in the area with local teens by interacting at Camp Fire sponsored events and programs that both parties will enjoy.

  • The Youth Venture group hopes to meet the following goals:
  • Establish friendly continuous partnership between youth and the elderly
  • Create a symbiotic relationship
  • Engage youth in community service
  • Encourage the elderly to channel their inner youth
  • Host a field day

Camp Fire North Shore is very proud of Linking Generations and grateful to the United Way for providing this opportunity to our future leaders!

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